- Net: use openssl3.library. MorphOS only.

- GUI: updated default server list.

- GUI: updated default server list.
- GUI: added yyyymmdd timestamp feature.
- DCC: fixed buffer overflows when resolving IP. 
- Net: added SSL support. To enable it, add a + before the server port
  (i.e. /server host +6697), add the UseSSL argument/tooltype or use the GUI.
  MorphOS only.
- General: does not use vapor_toolkit.libray anymore. MorphOS only.
- General: fixed a few bugs.

- DCC: fixed IP address being used for DCC SEND/CHAT with certain
  network configurations.
- Net: UPnP code didn't properly release the bsdsocket.library base in some
  error code paths.

- DCC: fixed a crash on drag & drop of a file on a query window. This was
  introduced in v3.6.
- GUI: Added UseNLists (UNL). UseOldStyleLists (UOSL) is now ignored. MUI lists
  are now the default.

- DCC: added turbo DCC send support.
- GUI: added a Default to Conference Mode option (in Setup->GUI->Channels).
- DCC: fixed DCC RESUME when AmIRC is sending.
- GUI: updated default server list.
- DCC: added option to convert spaces in file names to underscore, or to quote
  the filename (as supported by most modern clients).
- DCC: fixed resuming when the file name is quoted.
- DCC: added support for passive send/chat/schat (dcc xxx -passive nick ...).
- DCC: added DCC TSEND (turbo), DCC PSEND (passive) and DCC PCHAT (passive)
- General: fixed a potential race condition starting the built-in IdentD.
- Net: added transparent UPnP port forwarding (enabled by default). It is used
  for both DCC and the built-in IdentD.
- General: Restored the ability to load a key file. If valid key file is
  present the owner is displayed in the About window. Also the serial number
  is displayed in the CTCP VERSION reply.
- General: fixed numerous buffer overflows. Also fixed numerous crashes when
  low on resources.
- Net: updated netsplit detection code, it should work much better now.
- GUI: fixed marked text defaulting to black on black.
- GUI: changed default marked text background to MUI fill pen. Also changed
  default background to MUI halfshine pen.
- Input: filtered Insert/PageUp/PageDown/ScrollLock/PrintScreen/NumLock/Pause
- DCC: fixed negative completion time estimate in certain conditions.

- GUI: fixed an old crash triggered by some compiler option. 68k only.

- General: disabled vapor_update.library remnant.
- GUI: worked around a MUI 3.8 bug.

- Plugin: fixed negative priority handling as reported by Tom.
- General: AmIRC does not require a key anymore.
- Net: updated CTCP SOURCE URL.

- General: MorphOS port.
- General: disabled popupmenu.library, this library is buggy
- General: disabled vapor_update.library, the service is down
- General: disabled as225, it's useless
- Key: stronger error checking in the key loader
- General: more robust multithreading
- Fixed the old crash when joining a channel while AmIRC was still scanning
  channels for people from the notify list.
  Also fixed 2 other possible crash at the same time.
- GUI: fixed page and tray buttons to be able to use RGB colors.
- Prefs: "Use pages by default?" is enabled by default now.
- General: now use sound datatype's streaming feature. MorphOS only.
- General: changed the resethandler so Intuition doesn't think AmIRC is crashed.
  MorphOS only.
- GUI: channel userlist is visible by default now.
- General: libraries are now closed if something went wrong during inits.
- Input: PageUp/PageDown support.
- Plugin: new API to easily write PPC plugins. MorphOS only.
- DCC: rewrote the secure chat code in C. Many thanks to Piru, my ASM teacher.
  MorphOS only.
- DCC: fixed /DCC LIST trashing the first char of some strings.
- Command: unknown commands are now sent to the server.
  Any non standard "/FOO bar" command is now working.
- GUI: fixed crash at uniconify when the prefs window was open.
- GUI: added F11 and F12 as usable FKeys.
- GUI: possibility to drag&drop page buttons to any edge of the chat
- DCC: fixed a lot of potential crash in low resource situation.
- General: even more robust multithreading. There is still a potential crash
  when exiting with a pending dcc.
- GUI: added Freenode/#AROS to the default server list.
- GUI: listview causes less memory fragmentation.
- GUI: added Freenode/#MorphOS to the default server list.
- Rexx: fixed a potential read from zero in RX_GETLINE.
- GUI: removed Textinput gadget usage in about window.