About AmIRC

AmIRC is the famous IRC client created by Oliver Wagner and Jamie van den Berge for VaporWare. Its look and feel was copied many times and inspired the creation of XChat.

AmIRC was ported to MorphOS in 2004 and many new features and improvements were added. This version was made possible with the kind permission of the Vapor team. Thank you guys (*all* of you!).

The new 32 bit icons are courtesy of André Siegel.

As of 6th July 2011 AmIRC is freeware, and all demo version limitations have been removed. Enjoy!

The latest AmIRC release version is 3.6.2.


- DCC: fixed IP address being used for DCC SEND/CHAT with certain
  network configurations.
- Net: UPnP code didn't properly release the bsdsocket.library base in some
  error code paths.

- DCC: fixed a crash on drag & drop of a file on a query window. This was
  introduced in v3.6.
- GUI: Added UseNLists (UNL). UseOldStyleLists (UOSL) is now ignored. MUI lists
  are now the default.

- DCC: added turbo DCC send support.
- GUI: added a Default to Conference Mode option (in Setup->GUI->Channels).
- DCC: fixed DCC RESUME when AmIRC is sending.
- GUI: updated default server list.
- DCC: added option to convert spaces in file names to underscore, or to quote
  the filename (as supported by most modern clients).
- DCC: fixed resuming when the file name is quoted.
- DCC: added support for passive send/chat/schat (dcc xxx -passive nick ...).
- DCC: added DCC TSEND (turbo), DCC PSEND (passive) and DCC PCHAT (passive)
- General: fixed a potential race condition starting the built-in IdentD.
- Net: added transparent UPnP port forwarding (enabled by default). It is used
  for both DCC and the built-in IdentD.
- General: Restored the ability to load a key file. If valid key file is
  present the owner is displayed in the About window. Also the serial number
  is displayed in the CTCP VERSION reply.
- General: fixed numerous buffer overflows. Also fixed numerous crashes when
  low on resources.
- Net: updated netsplit detection code, it should work much better now.
- GUI: fixed marked text defaulting to black on black.
- GUI: changed default marked text background to MUI fill pen. Also changed
  default background to MUI halfshine pen.
- Input: filtered Insert/PageUp/PageDown/ScrollLock/PrintScreen/NumLock/Pause
- DCC: fixed negative completion time estimate in certain conditions.

- GUI: fixed an old crash triggered by some compiler option. 68k only.

- General: disabled vapor_update.library remnant.
- GUI: worked around a MUI 3.8 bug.

- Plugin: fixed negative priority handling as reported by Tom.
- General: AmIRC does not require a key anymore.
- Net: updated CTCP SOURCE URL.

- General: MorphOS port.
- General: disabled popupmenu.library, this library is buggy
- General: disabled vapor_update.library, the service is down
- General: disabled as225, it's useless
- Key: stronger error checking in the key loader
- General: more robust multithreading
- Fixed the old crash when joining a channel while AmIRC was still scanning
  channels for people from the notify list.
  Also fixed 2 other possible crash at the same time.
- GUI: fixed page and tray buttons to be able to use RGB colors.
- Prefs: "Use pages by default?" is enabled by default now.
- General: now use sound datatype's streaming feature. MorphOS only.
- General: changed the resethandler so Intuition doesn't think AmIRC is crashed.
  MorphOS only.
- GUI: channel userlist is visible by default now.
- General: libraries are now closed if something went wrong during inits.
- Input: PageUp/PageDown support.
- Plugin: new API to easily write PPC plugins. MorphOS only.
- DCC: rewrote the secure chat code in C. Many thanks to Piru, my ASM teacher.
  MorphOS only.
- DCC: fixed /DCC LIST trashing the first char of some strings.
- Command: unknown commands are now sent to the server.
  Any non standard "/FOO bar" command is now working.
- GUI: fixed crash at uniconify when the prefs window was open.
- GUI: added F11 and F12 as usable FKeys.
- GUI: possibility to drag&drop page buttons to any edge of the chat
- DCC: fixed a lot of potential crash in low resource situation.
- General: even more robust multithreading. There is still a potential crash
  when exiting with a pending dcc.
- GUI: added Freenode/#AROS to the default server list.
- GUI: listview causes less memory fragmentation.
- GUI: added Freenode/#MorphOS to the default server list.
- Rexx: fixed a potential read from zero in RX_GETLINE.
- GUI: removed Textinput gadget usage in about window.